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Please take note!!


Please note that my domain name has been changed!

It’s now,

Please relink if you want. 😀

Sorry that I changed my domain name again. =X I just feel that maybe ‘iliketomug’ IS really crazy. It doesn’t suit me that much now. It’s like I don’t mug that much now. And it can cause some unwanted misunderstandings too. So, I’ve decided to change it.



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Tu Amor – RBD!!! :D

Oh great. What a tiring day. And I didn’t get any homework done. Crap. ><

I woke up this morning, sneezing a lot. Okay. I sneeze a lot in the morning, but not as much as today. But anyway, I went on HW chat and chatted with the wonderful people, like Keli and Annie! 😀  And I also chatted with Tina, another great friend on MSN! (:  However, I got really tired by late morning and started yawning away.

So, I left the computer alone and went to take a bit of rest. After the REALLY SHORT rest, I had my lunch, bathed and left home for Lavendar street. I went there to make my NRIC. It was a long way there, making it boring and tiring. I went alone and didn’t sms anyone. All I had with me to try and kill boredom was, mp3 and M&M chocolates! Haha. I had a huge craving for chocolate. So, I thought I’d just get some to munch on the bus.

It was a long wait at that place. I queued really long, standing up, for about 45 minutes to an hour, to have my NRIC photo taken. They didn’t allow me to have my spectacles on due to reflection. But I love to have my spectacles on!! They offered me a len-less spectacles frame. But it was too weird for me I guess. So, I decided to have my photo without spectacles. I turned out quite all right. My younger sister said I looked like a local star, Sharon Au. =/ Dang. No way! Last time, some people said I looked Japanese, Non-Chinese, without my spectacles. Weird.

Anyway, after the photo, I queued for the registration of my NRIC. Suprisingly, it didn’t take too long. It took about 30 minutes. By the time I was ready to leave for home, it was 16:00 already.

I took the bus home and fell asleep cause I was took tired. I was afraid that I may miss my stop. So, when I woke up suddenly, I thought I almost missed my stop. I rang the bell immediately and alighted. That was when I noticed that I alighted 2 stops earlier. Usually, I wouldn’t mind walking. But the distance was a bit too far. So, I waited for another bus.

When I got home, it was 17:00++. I switched on the computer to try to get some work done. But I didn’t. Cause by then, it was around 18:30 and I figured that my training is at 19:00!! I rushed through dinner and went to SKCC.

In the end, despite being late for 15 minutes, I couldn’t see anyone there. Hence, I waited for Ai Zhi to reach. We drew the key from the office at level one and prepared the weights. Then, we started the training on our own. 3 people. It was great. We did 2 sets of all the weights. Really glad that Ai Zhi is around. 😀  She helped me a lot. Cause apparently I haven’t tried a 10kg bar bell with the different types of weight trainings, until Wednesday. So, it was alittle too heavy for me if I were to ensure the correct posture and method.

Then we did sit-ups, push-ups and other stuff. And we played a bit of basketball by borrowing the basketball from the people around. 😛  It was a crazy training. Trained hard. Great! And now, I’ve got lots of blisters on the palms. =/

Anyway, I’m going to Bishan library to complete my homework tomorrow with Charlton [from Catholic High] and Issy. I may consider being there earlier than 14:15 cause apparently I won’t have enough time to complete the homework. I’ll try to move slower tomorrow. Walk slower and everything. Cause I can feel the lethargy in me. I need to slow down. Moment to moment [in a box?] and take baby steps. Yes.

Anyway, now I feel like saying:
“I love you, coach!!”
“I love you, Keli!”
“I love you, Tina!”
“I love you, Ai Zhi!”
Thanks a lot for helping me, supporting me, and caring for me. I’m really grateful for that. (:


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it’s another day…

I didn’t go out today. Hence, you’ll be expecting a short entry. I’ve decided to get my NRIC done tomorrow morning instead. Actually, after I made this decision, I wanted to go to Bishan library to do some homework. But, later on, I was too tired to leave the house. So, I didn’t go.

I stayed home and thought I’d try to get some homework done. I tried doing one of the worst homework — Chinese exam papers. Oh my gosh. It was totally horrible. I started on the cloze passage, trying to make myself continue doing it. I was merely guessing the answers among the four options. Then, it was the MCQ comprehension. Looking at the paragraphs of words, I stoned for awhile. I noticed the piles of things on my table. And thought of what mum said weeks ago about packing my table. So, I put aside the homework and started packing.

I threw many things away. I even took away the photo of me from the desk. I placed the plaques and medals neatly, put a mini display guitar there, and packed my drawers. Now, everything is nice and neat. ((:

Actually, I felt really tired and bored while doing all these. I tried to sleep, but it was too humid for me to fall asleep. Sigh. Tired but can’t sleep — what a bad feeling. I better start doing all those homework again tomorrow. Oh wells.

For the first time on HW chat, I felt bad. I was really quiet somehow. Probably because what they were discussing couldn’t relate to me. And when I tried to start a topic, I was totally ignored. ><  Don’t know. Probably it’s just me. That’s about it. I just thought I’d say that. Cause I felt bad twice already.

Take care, Daryl! Thanks for listing to me crap and advising me on MSN.


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‘Take baby steps.’ said Tammy. (:

Yay! I’m back from this hectic day. I must say, it was rather good, compared to the other ‘lifeless’, sick, and worrying days that I was experiencing the past few weeks.

Actually, I wasn’t well the whole of today, physically. But somehow, I was rather good mentally. Hence, it was like a ‘Mind over Body’ kind of thing. I was having really bad abdominal discomforts, accompanied by cramps, since morning. Actually, I wasn’t in a very good mood in the morning. I entered the school with my t-shirt let out. I wasn’t wearing any school shirt or shorts. Hence, we actually didn’t have to tuck in our shirts. But, Miss Yeo spotted me and called me over. I went over and she was like saying that I’m the President of the Student Council, I shouldn’t be having shirts not tucked in! You know what? That really sucks. As in, if you want me to tuck in the shirt, then say so. Don’t have to add in the rankings and stuff. Anyway, it’s the first time she caught me with my shirt not tucked in. Man.. I really dislike it. Ever since I quit ODAC, she has been rather cold towards me. But she said it was all right if I quit, Okay. Damn. This sucks. =/

The next thing that spoilt my mood was the punctuality of the actors in the musical. They were always late. Today, I was actually waiting alone even after 15 minutes of the meeting time. Then, I’ll always have to listen to Mr Muru say, ‘See what I mean? You NEED commitment. Being late is unacceptable!’ So, it’s like, hello? I’m not late? What’s the point of telling that to me? I’m EARLY. Don’t you think so?

So, those were the two things. But after that, it went on rather well. The actually rehearsal starts at 14:30. We had to sit in for the briefing with the teachers at 13:30. We were there at 08:30 [Mr Muru forgot that he asked us to go there at that time]. So, we were supposed to rehearsal on our own. We had fun during our own rehearsal. We acted really crazy for our characters to remember our lines. We laughed, we joked, we sang. It was great.

After which, we went for lunch at Compass Point where I got myself a cream mushroom spaghetti from the food court. (: Yummy! I just love spaghetti. 😛  Then we got bubble tea and went back to school.

When we returned to school, we had the briefing with the teachers, then performed our drama part to the concert band, dance, wushu and choir performing groups, showing them when they should come into the who play. We were rather nervous cause it was our first time performing the play to more than the usual 3 people. Miss Lo thought that I’d screw up my whole speech for the minister. However, she was astonished that I actually delivered the speech well. 😀  That’s great! (:

Then after the rehearsal, I went to Compass Point, alone. Apparently, I headed to the library and started doing my homework. Good news. I managed to do some homework. But the pace was rather slow. But like what Tammy said, take baby steps. ((:

Training was rather fun today with Ai Zhi around. 😀  Actually, with the cramps and stuff, I wasn’t in the right state to really train, not to mention, RUN. But, as usual, I’d say that I don’t want to run, however, I’ll end up running in the end. I ran at the front with Ai Zhi, leading the whole group of people. She’s REALLY strong and fit. Trust me. Unfortunately, I won’t be seeing her very often cause she just joined the army this year. Okay. So, we sang as we ran! 😀  That was my first time. She made me sing and it really helps with the thought of running long distance! Instead, it kind of made me jog faster. =X So, sorry to the ones behind. hehe.

Then, we did free weights. The weights were rather heavy. But thanks to Ai Zhi, I managed to do them. She helped me a bit with some. (:  Actually, my dragon boat team has many nice people. (: Ai Zhi, PK, Yi Qian, Audrey, Khairul, Sun Hui, etc. They will help you with your training and motivate you. 😀  Thanks guys.

Anyway, I took Gaviscon for the first time today. I just finished the 20mg Famotine prescribed by the clinic doctor last night. And since I had the bad abdominal discomforts, I tried Gaviscon. Zomg. It tasted weird and kind of gross. The label reads ‘Peppermint’. Okay. Sounds good. The tablet smells like peppermint, really nice. But once you put it in your mouth and it starts to dissolve a bit [dissolves a bit like Redoxon in contact with water], then you’d have to chew until it gets sticky, it’ll taste weird. It’d start tasting like some kind of soap [alkaline], and it’d start to get stuck on your teeth. Aww man. It won’t get off even after drink water. The taste will then remain in your mouth. So, I’ll just have to pop a candy into my mouth. I took it twice today. I must say that it was rather effective. (: Thank goodness.

I may go and get my I/C made tomorrow. AND, I’d do my homework. I think I felt better because I asked Mr Ng if we can hand in out A. Math and E. Math homework at a later date. And he said ‘of course’. 😀  Yup. So, great.

Friday’s rehearsal is cancelled. There’ll be training though. So, I’ll do my homework in the afternoon too.

This is random, but I just want to say, I love you guys! Tammy! Keli! Tina! Butter! (((:

huishan (:

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Just like this.

(̅_̅_̅_̅(̲̲̲̲̲̅̅̅̅̅̅(̅_̅_̲̅м̲̅a̲̅я̲̅l̲̅b̲̅o̲̅r̲̅o̲̅̅_̅_̅_̅()ڪ cool, ehh? haha. BUT, say ‘NO!’ to that.

Anyhow, I just came home from Plaza Singapura. I went to watch Men in White [鬼啊!鬼啊!], a local Chinese horror/comedy movie, with Charlton [from Catholic High], Issy, Niki and Niki’s friend. Thanks for asking me along, guys. Well, I shall say that this isn’t what I consider a good movie. It doesn’t leave an impact in me after I watched the movie or during the movie. I felt as though I was just watching some kind of boring news whereby I’ll just forget after watching it. The movie has a combination of certain languages and Mandarin is the main language in it. The movie includes English and dialects like Cantonese. This isn’t a horror movie actually. The starting seems like a horror movie though.

There were other movies to watch. Should’ve watched other movies. But the movies that I’d like to watch, the rest have watched them already. I wanted to watch Ocean’s 13, Pirates or Shrek 3. Maybe, Fantastic 4 two. I’d prefer something that’s action-packed and stuff. I saw the trailer of Die Hard 4. Zomg!! It’s like super nice!! I want to watch it! I really hope I can watch it when it’s out.

Okay, back to just now. After the movie, we walked aimlessly around Plaza Singapura and after some time, we decided to settle down at McDonalds. We ate some stuff and we all went our ways. I must apologise for being so quiet and kind of anti-social when I was with them. Somehow, I was feeling really tired and exhausted. So sorry guys.

On the way home, I dropped by Compass Point to go to Guardian pharmacy to get the antacids my cousin asked me to get for my abdominal discomfort. He told me to get either Gaviscon or Mylanta. I got Gaviscon though. Gaviscon is available in both liquid and tablet form. However, Mylanta is only available in liquid form. Apparently, the tablet form is more convenient to bring around. So, I got the Gaviscon tablet. It’s rather expensive. The other antacids [I suppose they are the less effective ones] that I bought last time cost around 3 bucks for 20 tablets. This Gaviscon tablet cost 23 bucks for 60 tablets. See the difference? Hehe.

Once again, there’ll be rehearsal tomorrow. Full day combined rehearsal. It’s going to be extremely tiring. In addition, I’ve got dragon boat gym training in the evening. Aww man. I’m going to be totally worn out and drained tomorrow.

Now, HOMEWORK! It’s horrible. I’m still not getting things done. I’ll bring my homework tomorrow to do. I’ll do it during the break between the end of the rehearsal and the start of the training. I better do something. I’ll be happy enough to complete a bit. But I need to do something.

School’s starting next week! Can you imagine? It’s like so fast! And you know what? I’m really anxious about it. ): Oh wells. It sucks.

Anyway, that’s about it. tata!


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Most miserable birthday =X

I had a full day rehearsal today, on my birthday. It’s my first time having something on on my birthday, hence I felt different. There wasn’t any mood there anyway. It felt like a normal day to me.

Rehearsal was rather crazy to me. Somehow, everyone is restless and tired, especially me. I was stunned for no reason a couple of times. Mr Muru even spoke to me in person, asking me what was wrong and stuff. I don’t really feel comfortable with that. He was saying as though I don’t know that I have to endure and stuff.

Anyhow, I was very hungry [or was it actually my abdominal problems] even though I had my lunch. Mr Muru bought food for us to eat and we had chicken rice. After we had our food, everyone simply lost concentration. We rehearsed but there were many glitches. People either forgot it was their turn, or forgot their lines, or not, they were laughing. I was involved in that as well. I couldn’t remember my lines suddenly. Or not, I’ll deliver the lines wrongly. Lastly, we couldn’t stop laughing at each other’s mistakes.

Other than those, my day was like nothing.

Anyhow, I’d like to thank the people who said ‘Happy Birthday’ to me or gave me a present. They are [in order of who said first]:

  1. Dominic Boey [my bestie in Rosyth ((:]
  2. CCC 神雕侠侣 group people [sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song in 6 versions]
  3. Sandra
  4. Amanda Ting
  5. Gena
  6. Shi Min
  7. Kong Ting
  8. Pei Kang
  9. Xin Fei
  10. Keli [from HW forum] [love ya! :D]
  11. Tam [from HW forum]
  12. Linda [from HW forum]
  13. Annie [from HW forum]
  14. Tina [from HW forum] [love ya! :D]
  15. Gena [2nd time :P]
  16. Benjamin Low
  17. Timothy
  18. Wendy Chua [thanks for the nice bookmark (:]
  19. Davin
  20. Dorothy
  21. Charlton Lim [from Hwa Chong] [my beloved daddy! :D]
  22. Xi Hsien
  23. Niki
  24. Dad
  25. Jolyn [younger sister] [nice card!]
  26. Regina [nice card!]
  27. Janice [elder sister]
  28. Issy [lovely girl! ((:]
  29. Charlton Lim [from Catholic High] [my bestie :D]
  30. Jian Xiong
  31. Kong Ting [2nd time :P]
  32. Tuan Anh
  33. Jason Boey
  34. Tuan Anh [2nd time :P]
  35. Tuan Anh [3rd time :O]
  36. Naqib
  37. Hui Ling
  38. Desmond Khoo
  39. Mr Chia 
  40. Sue [from HW forum]
  41. Ethan [from HW forum]
  42. Lisa [from HW forum]
  43. Guan Yao

That’s all for now. haha. Will continue the list tomorrow.

huishan. (:


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Back with eczema

Hola people! (:

I’m back! Yes, back from the Chinese Cultural Camp. There were a couple of interesting incidents that happened, but I think I’d rather talk about it with photos when I get them from my group leaders [GLs].

Basically, I went there with that injured toe. I had to have my slippers on everywhere I go. It’s one of the worst things when you are playing the games that require you to run around. Things get bad when the ground is wet and slippery. No way I’ll run that way with a pair of slippers.

Next, the irritating thing. I’ve got bad eczema during the camp. Well, it’s not that severe but it’s just the ‘worst stage’ I’ve ever experienced. I had slight eczema before the camp but thought I’ll just let it heal by itself since mum threw away my eczema cream as there was little of it left. Those days, I lived without any ointment. It annoyed me and affected my sleep somehow. Finally, on the 3rd day, I couldn’t endure any further. I requested for some rashes cream which wasn’t provided in the end. Instead, they lent me the Dettol antiseptic cream to apply on my rashes. It did help a bit with the itch but nothing more. After sometime, I’ll feel the itch again. Nasty ones. Hence, they allowed me to bring the antiseptic cream back to my hostel as the previous application will be gone after bathing. Yup.

Now, I’ve gotten myself the eczema cream from the clinic! Cheers!

Anyhow, I haven’t gotten enough sleep and that’ll definitely affect me with the anxiety-related symptoms. That’s going to suck, but I know I’ll pull through.

It’s my birthday tomorrow yet I’m not very excited about it. Tomorrow will be a full day rehearsal. I’d have to bring lots of things. Costume, props, etc.

Anyhow, goodnight everyone!

huishan. (:

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All gone.

I’m going for the Chinese Cultural Camp tomorrow, at NTU.

I’ll be back on Sunday, 17 June.

Well, I’ve decided, maybe I’ll just blog lesser. More about my articles and photos.

I’m kind of heartbroken now. The 200 plus photos have been deleted accidentally just by one button. Eeks. My photos of Utt. The photo of me and Dalilah with Utt. The photos I’ve spent very long to wait for the moment to capture. The photos that I shot many times to get it right. The photos of Pei Hwa and Hwa Chong students together. The photos of Pei Hwa. The photos of Hwa Chong. The photos of the Newsroom.

All gone. ><


Anyhow, I’ll get over it.


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Eeks! I received a call from the polyclinic this morning [that’s a good thing] and she informed me about the appointment with the psychiatrist at IMH [still a good thing]. AND, guess what? Here comes the extremely bad part.

“Your appointment at IMH will be on 25 JULY at 15:30″

WHAT?! It’s more than A MONTH later?? I would’ve gone crazy by then! Seriously, I really need to see the psychiatrist fast to get myself checked. I NEED to do my homework, organise activities, etc. Everyday, I worry a whole lot about these stuff. Every night, I didn’t sleep well.

Argh. Thinking of the 6 Physics mindmaps I have to do freaks me out. Thinking about the 2 full Chinese exam papers I have to complete gives me headaches. Thinking about the whole big pile of undone homework makes my worry, go insane, rant, etc.

I’m not in a mood to blog about the Straits Times Media Club Camp. Oh wells. Tata.


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Urea Breath Test [UBT]

I received a message from cousin Charles that I’ve been scheduled for the UBT at Tan Tock Seng Hospital [TTSH] at 10:30. I received the message at 09:00. Hence, I had to rush, get bathed, and make my way to TTSH.

When I arrived there, I waited awhile before a doctor, Dr. Tang, called me for the test. I was kind of a ‘special case’ cause my cousin told her about it. The UBT was rather simple. It cost 80 bucks at a subsidised rate and 130 bucks at a private rate. I paid 80 bucks for it.

Here’s the procedure for UBT:

  1. Take in a deep breath and hold for 5 seconds
  2. Slowly exhale into a special bag that will allow you to exhale half of your breath
  3. Drink a mixture made by the doctor [some kind of orange flavoured powdered drink plus warm water and some kind of powdered drug will be added in]
  4. Repeat Steps 1 & 2
  5. Wait for 10 minutes
  6. Repeat Steps 1 & 2
  7. Repeat Steps 5 & 6 2 more times

There, that’s the procedure. My cousin said he’ll collect the results for me so I didn’t have to wait. I still don’t know the results of the UBT yet.

After the UBT, I went to J8 for lunch alone and then to Bishan library to do some homework with Charlton [from Catholic High]. I didn’t manage to do a lot of homework, sadly. In fact, after I did a bit, I felt really sleepy and exhausted and couldn’t think anymore. When I tried doing, I realised I forgot everything I learnt in the past few months. Then I may start getting so upset that I couldn’t remember everything. I’m afraid that I must start studying everything that I learnt in the past few months all over again. I’m left with 2 – 3 days next week to complete this whole pile of homework. At this rate that I’m going, I’m not going to finish the homework. ))):  The rest of this week and some days next week I’ll be busy the whole day, hence, I won’t be able to do the homework.


I’ll be going for the Straits Times Media Club Camp tomorrow. Sigh. I hope it’s good.


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